Spring Summer 22 Trends

Winter has always had the power to feel like 100 weeks of the year, and especially with all the lockdowns we’ve endured over the last two years, it has almost felt as though we skipped a couple seasons, blinked and were back into those dark nights, grey days and rainy afternoons…

While we all love a cozy night tucked up by the fire, we’ve had enough to last us a lifetime and I think its safe to say we are all ready for our hot girl summer days!

Now is the perfect time to spring into our Summer wardrobes and dare I even say “Sibling's Wardrobe” and take a look through all the vibrant colours, geometrical prints and flow like pieces of the season for the perfect start to the Summer we have all been patiently waiting for…

As fashion is always 10 steps ahead of the curve we’ve already got the inspiration we need, to know exactly what trends will be hitting the streets of Dublin this year and if you’re anything like me, and always in need of a refresh, look no further. I’ve done the research for you and laid out all the hottest trends of the season guaranteed to make you feel like a queen all summer long and if the Spring/Summer 22 trends are anything to go by it looks like this season is set to be a scorcher!


Full Body Skirts
One of the most wearable trends to come out of the runways was a full body skirt and there really are no rules. Printed, plain, colourful, monochrome, paired with knits or paired with a cute cami – as long as it's full length then you're good to go!


Hyper Feminine
 It's been a while since super traditionally-feminine pieces had their moment on the industry's radar. However, frothy fabrics and pretty pink hues – from pastel to candy, rose and fuchsia – prove an interesting, playful point of difference in the fashion landscape.
Denim For Days
As many begin to dress up once again, sweats are swapped for beloved denim. Technical finishes, versatile silhouettes blurring the lines between classic and modern.
Super Sheer 
Perhaps a trend best-suited to those looking to have fun with fashion again after spending the best part of two years wearing tracksuits, super sheer fabrics will have a real moment in the sun this Summer.
Two-Piece Suiting
Power suiting dressed up or taken in a more casual approach has the ability to make you feel like a girl boss who can accomplish anything.
Motif Prints 
Prints are very big this season. We see a multitude of colours and printing styles set for SS12. The simplest of silhouettes mixed with motifs prints brings an exciting twist to any outfit!